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“Creating Space In Your Life For Your Purpose”

Hi, I’m Renata,

I’m a Brazilian psychologist and I work with expat women who are looking for support to:

  • feel better, restore or maintain your emotional wellness abroad
  • find your professional confidence again
  • to find peace in your relationship and help your cross-cultural kids thrive

My goal is to help you stop secretly sacrificing your self-worth, your relationships, or your sanity, and encourage you to see the possibilities for healing, relief, and transformation.

How I work

In the sessions with me, we’ll unpack what’s bothering you, make sense of your experience, you will learn helpful tools, figure things out and restore confidence in yourself. I listen deeply. I empathize. I ask questions. I invite you to reflect. I offer you my insights and helpful tools. I encourage. I celebrate with you. 

My work and experience allow us to explore and figure out the right support for your need: a deeper healing journey or a more results-oriented process

I understand firsthand what it’s like to live abroad, raise cross-cultural kids, continue your career whilst moving around, balance the guilt and the adventure, and with my experience as a coach and a therapist I can help you as a whole person.

My invitation is for you to come as you are – lost, overwhelmed, stressed out, confused, low, anxious, sad, scared, lonely, and/or frustrated. I offer a safe space where you can begin to feel whole and centered again, even through difficult times. 

Life abroad doesn’t have to cost your emotional health. You don’t have to wait until you’re back home to get help and feel like yourself again.



I offer a free 20-minute consultation. 

Tell me more about your situation?  Time for you to ask any questions you may have.