This is a very simple post.

I just thought you might enjoy these questions. My hope is that they inspire a good reflection to guide your choices in 2019. Or you might just need of conversation points to avoid any family drama or politics over the holidays, so have them handy! ; )

I’m packing them on my holiday suitcase and will reflect on them to create a guide for New Year Resolutions. They’re based on some great questions I came across over the years by Danielle Laporte and Christine Kane that I keep going back to. 

1 – What’s always on the back of your mind?  

2 – What do you want more time or money for?

3 – Who is inspiring to you right now? Why?

4 – Where could you spend money to save time or eliminate stress in your life?

5 – What really matters in this moment of your life?


The answers can help you clarify and simplify the year ahead.

Ok, it’s your turn now.

I’d love to know in the comments which question speaks to you the most…


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