FIND YOUR own PURPOSE on the Move

How would it feel to be clear about what you want to do, feel confident again and start celebrating accomplishments in 3 months from now?

When you are following your partner’s career abroad, it is common to feel:

  • Like you lost part of yourself
  • Tired of introducing yourself as “The wife of…” or “The husband of…
  • Craving to feel accomplished and earning your own money again
  • Eager to do work that matters but not clear about what you’d like to do
  • Always busy but not really fulfilled
  • Guilty about wanting more than taking care of your family
  • Overwhelmed with lots ideas and not sure where to start

How I can help you:

The goal of my coaching is to help you have your own source of fulfillment and feel accomplished as you move around the globe. We can work online from wherever you are.

Some clients have figured out how to make their careers portable, others reconnected with their talents after a break and figured out how to use them while following their partner’s career around the globe. Some of them started coaching before their first move, others during the first assignment, and others after a few moves and longer career break. They now feel like they and their partners are driving together rather than like a passenger who’s just along for the ride.

Finding a unique work path that fits your international life helps you maintain a sense of stability, and your own identity and purpose in life. It helps you be a more wholesome person in all other areas of your life.

You don’t have to sacrifice your career or self-worth to live an international life. Coaching can help you imagine and create solutions you might never have dreamed possible. It can help you build a bridge between your old and new self.

How my coaching works:

First, we’ll set up a free coaching call, and you will be able to experience coaching in action. My goal for the call is that you leave with insights and a great experience whether we decide to work together or not. I want to hear your challenges, thoughts, concerns, dreams and help you as much as possible on that call.

If we both decide to continue to work, our sessions happen online wherever you are, via a video platform or phone. After each session, I’ll send you a recap e-mail for your reference. In between sessions, you’ll have free email access to me.

Take my client Denise, for example.

(Client has authorised the publication. Her name and a few details were altered to protect her identity)

Denise was unhappy although her life looked perfect on paper: 3 beautiful kids, living abroad, going to the most interesting places, awesome parties, coffees and making new friends. But every night when she went to bed, she had this crushing fear of missing the career boat.

Denise had been a successful lawyer with her own practice before she left Brazil. This was her 2nd country move and time was passing by. Her skills were starting to feel old and investing in certification to practice law didn’t seem worth it as she might move again in a few years. Several business ideas crossed her mind, but she didn’t find the energy to follow through with any of them. Her husband was supportive, but he traveled a lot and because she took care of most things in the household, she was too busy to even think about anything else. She felt overwhelmed by her options and hunted by her love for practicing law. She felt pressure to make sure any investment would take her down the right path and was stuck and going around in circles.

Denise and I worked together for 6 months, and during that time she became clear on what she loved about being a lawyer. She faced her fears of missing the boat, of losing her status as a lawyer and doing “lesser” work, and she understood the part of herself she missed. She remembered her talent and passion to write. She was able to challenge her belief that she would have to wait until they settled somewhere to go back to work, and she did some writing training and is now working as a law book editor / ghostwriter. She is also in the process of writing her own novel.

I believe in deep work for transformation, not just setting a goal and following up with my clients. I’m interested in understanding what’s behind your goal, what else, and what else. I’m interested in who you really are, and I want to help you recover the “you” that you loved and to uncover the “you” that you never  imagined possible. During our coaching sessions, you will find the answers you need, explore, uncover, discover and design the new path that fits your expat life.

We’ll have powerful conversation based on proven methodologies that will help you dream bigger, make shifts, create energy, get inspired, understand that you are closer than you think to fulfillment, break through what’s been blocking you and clearing the space for your meaningful life.

How we can work together:

Coaching results come with a process, not individual sessions. That’s why I work with clients either for:

6 months or 3 months, depending on need.

We have sessions weekly 3 times a month + 1 week of self-coaching to process the progress.

The weekly sessions are 1h long and you have free email access to me in between sessions.

Not sure yet?

It’s very normal. The best way to see if coaching is for you and if I am the right person to help you is really to try it for yourself. Let’s talk. Click below, and let’s have a no-commitment conversation that can start you down your new path now.