Recently, we found out we were moving countries again. Since then, naturally, I’ve been finding it more difficult to get things done, to write, to stay focused on my work.

I caught myself wondering how I could possibly continue to build my business while we move. Should I pause it for now and continue in few months? Or that little old hope to have my traditional therapy consulting office in Milan may be possible… I confess I even thought:

Or should I just throw the towel? This is too complicated!

That’s when I realised that these are my previous experiences, and my old mindset, creeping back on me. Moving has meant a rupture in my professional life, so all the old ways of thinking were coming back too.

You see, no one is immune.

I guess I owe it to myself to have a new experience of continuity of my work; perhaps this will be a healing one. (That would certainly be a nice change.)

Now that I have a portable business that fits on my laptop and I can continue to run the Your Turn workshops virtually, it doesn’t have to mean rupture and start from scratch – again. The whole point (which was part of the dream and motivation I had when I started this), is to be able to take it with me and make these transitions smoother.

Even though the questions and doubts keep coming, and my mind at times is spinning with some stuff I thought I’d dealt with before, I now have something strong and positive to hold on to.

And I don’t have to figure it out alone. This is the most important thing for me to remember.

Getting professional help has been really crucial to learn how to transition with a business.

Here’s what the research has to say about making choices, and it may add something interesting to this conversation.

In their book Designing Your Life, authors Bill Burnett and Dave Evans present the research that shows that if you have a choice to make, but keep the option of changing your mind later, you drastically reduce your chances of being happy with your choice. But, if you are not given the option to change your mind later, your chances of being happy with your choice are much higher. Crazy? Yes, we’re all a little. But scientifically proven crazy 😉

Does it also happen to you to self-doubt and wonder about the path you’re currently on?

With all the new possibilities that open up with a country move and everything I need to close down or reconfigure, it may actually be a good opportunity to review what I love about how I am working now. Not to doubt my choices, but to balance them out.

What’s working? What am I missing? What else could I do?

Even if one day I add therapy to my services again, it will be an addition, because I really enjoy coaching and working with people all over the world. So, it’s not really second guessing my choice, it is more of a review to keep moving and doing what I enjoy.

Who knows, I might be able to help with the refugees cause with my counselling skills. See? There goes my crazy mind again… Stop, breathe, and OMMMMM!

Moving is one of the top stressors there are, and it elicits this complex mix of emotion. It’s quite maddening at times. At least for me 😉 

So, for now, I’ll let my crazy mind wonder and think about possibilities for the future, but I’ll keep on going steady with my choice to have a portable coaching business.

Of course, I have to slow down a bit. I’ll be working more behind the scenes on keeping afloat and at a pace that is reasonable while we move.

I’m postponing bigger projects until the Fall because now I want to be present, to make sure I have time to say goodbye to friends here, and also to enjoy the move with my family.


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