by Renata Andrade on October 30, 2017

find your purpose

Finding purpose is like having your morning coffee – a big shot of energy that will light you up and you will have more energy available for all other areas of your life!

There is a lot of buzz about finding a purpose right now. For you, my fellow global expat partner, it may be especially relevant because you can hold on tight to it to keep you sane, while you go through big transitions that shake up the rest of your life.

What would it be like to feel energized, connected, called to something?

You may ask: where do I even start looking for my purpose?

It may be the case that when you dream about a passion so many I can’t’s and I don’t’s go through your mind you could set a world record. My suggestion is to try channels other than your thinking, to access your body intelligence, your soul, your feelings, all your senses.

So, here are my 5 tips to get you started towards finding your purpose.

  1. Imagine yourself telling your family about something really cool you’ve accomplished. How does it feel like? Awaken, fabulous, valued, respectful, strong, fuzzy, powerful, on fire, red, sexy, confident? Now, find a way of experiencing a dose of those good feelings each day. Get creative, weird, dirty, whatever you need, no judgments here!
  2. Welcome your envy! It is a useful purposometer! Seriously, pay close attention to what and who you envy. Dig down, explore it a little, you will see flashing red arrows pointing towards what you crave right now. That may lead you straight to your purpose. It is a powerful tool for knowing what you truly want.
  3. Identify one belief you have that holds you back from having more in your life right now. Is it “I don’t have time?” Or “It is too late?” Or “I’m not capable?” Or other? What could you believe instead to support your dreams? One way to do this is to think about that person you ask yourself “how does she…?” Then reflect on what she believes instead that helps her get that thing you want.
  4. Forget about balance! People stop their dreams short and exhaust themselves trying to find balance. Go for passion! Sometimes your work calls you more, sometimes it is your family, or you feel called to be more spiritual. Let your life be flowier, it’s not a pie that can be perfectly cut into 8 equal pieces! What part is calling you now?
  5. Don’t let it be your secret! Talk about your dreams, passions and your projects to friends, family and especially your partner. If other people know, you will feel a little bit of healthy pressure to do something about them. And talking about the passions you are aware now will help uncover hidden ones. Think about opening a Pandora box in a good way! Bonus: it’s contagious! People will get themselves excited to see you excited about something! Spread the light!

Now, imagine yourself in a year from now, living a purposeful life and loving who you are.

What action did you take right after you read that blog post about “5 tips to find your purpose” that got you started?

Got energized by these tips? The invitation is open for you to Book a Free Coaching Call with me here to continue your journey.

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